Canon AE-1 Program vs Pentax K1000: Which Is Better?

It’s an oft-asked question between the Canon AE-1 Program vs Pentax K1000: Which Is Better!? I have run reviews on both these models you can check out the Canon AE-1 Program Review or my Pentax K1000 Review. In this article, I’ll run through the battle of the two entry level, film photography beginner heavyweights. Let’s run through a […]

Pentax K1000 Review: Comprehensive Film Camera Guide 2016

In this Pentax K1000 Camera review, we outline information about the camera, it’s performance, usage and recommendations. The Pentax was originally marked as the Asahi Pentax K1000, but was shortly after was changed to just the Pentax 1000. Check Pentax K1000 prices here. The Pentax K1000 is a ridiculously simple camera to use and that’s […]