Canon EOS Rebel G Review 35mm SLR Camera 2017

In this Canon EOS Rebel G Review, we’ll cover everything you need to know in order to decide if this is the right camera for you.

The first thing most people say when they pick one of these up is a reference to how light it is. The Canon Rebel G is a bantamweight camera! It’s all plastic design makes it feel like you’re holding nothing at all.

Looking for a download file of the Canon EOS Rebel G User Manual? You can get it HERE.


The camera was introduced in 1996 through until 1999. And in 2000 the first Digital SLR was designed and produced, from 2005 onwards all EOS cameras used a digital sensor and so film was waved goodbye to in the rearview mirror.

A little known fact: The acronym EOS was named after the Tital goddess of the darn in Greek mythology – Eos. 

The main competitors at the time to the EOS were the Nikon F series cameras. At the core of the Canon EOS is the EF lens mount, this replaced the former FD lens mount which mainly supported only manual-focus lenses. The EF bayonet style lens mount broke compatibility with the FD mount.


The EOS Rebel G is an entry-level camera and so it is quite simple to use. One somewhat important feature that is missing is the depth-of-field preview, Canon left this off on the model. The lightmeter is quite accurate and gives good exposure on sensitive films, even when taking shots of confusing landscapes. The Rebel does a good job of resolving these, it might be a half a stop here or there out on really tricky frames, but otherwise does an excellent job.

The read-out in the viewfinder shows which AF sensors are active, a meter scale, shutter speed and aperture. The Rebel wasn’t crippled like the A2e and so you get a full meter scale in the viewfinder even if metered-manual mode is active.

Why Should You Get The Canon EOS Rebel G?

If you want a cheap, lightweight camera that you can throw around and is compatible with all your top of the line expensive EF lenses, get this guy.

Why Shouldn’t You Get The Canon EOS Rebel G?

The Rebel G is a simple camera, but for the price, it is hard to argue against it! The downside? The camera has all the confusion of modern super AF bodies without their capability.

Quality Of Shots – Take A Look

Canon EOS Rebel G Review
Canon EOS Rebel G Review
Canon EOS Rebel G Review
Canon EOS Rebel G Review
Canon EOS Rebel G Review

Usage Comments

  • The viewfinder is in a slightly awkward place. It can be difficult to position oneself comfortable to get a tactical view through the viewfinder.
  • A terrible omission from the camera is the lack of a depth of field preview.
  • It is not possible to adjust the built-in flash exposure.


If you are a beginner, look elsewhere. If you are a hardcore Canon Rebel nut, you already know you want it.

If you do choose to buy the Canon EOS Rebel G, then the GR-80TP grip is an absolute must. It even expands into a useful tripod!

Otherwise, if you want a cheap camera to kick around on and have some fun that will work well with all the oldest and newest Canon EF (AF and EOS) lenses then drop around $40 on one of these and you will be set.

Where To Buy Canon EOS Rebel G?

eBay, Amazon and Craigslist are the go to places to get good deals. Always be weary when buying off Craigslist.

Check the latest price on Amazon

Check out the Canon EOS Rebel G video review below.

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  1. You are so factually incorrect as to so many things that you have mentioned. You should not rush to publish information if you have not done your research. UNBELIEVABLE. This article reminds me of my unfortunate President that still has another three and a half years to go. From where are you?

    Just to show you that I am not trolling; I will share only a few of your factual errors. (1) The Rebel G started in 1996 and ended production in 1999. (2) In 1987, Canon introduced the EOS system with the EOS 650 model. (3) EOS is an acronym for Electronic (or electro) Optical System.

    I was hoping for an education from your website … and I am deeply disappointed. You should really consider revamping your information to demonstrate correct and accurate information. If you have not visited the website already, I recommend you visit the Canon Historical museum that may be found on line.

    1. FAKE NEWS everybody. I have the best facts. You know it, I know it, everybody knows it!

      Jokes aside – you’re right. I got those dates wrong and I appreciate you pointing that out. I’ve updated the article to reflect that. Thanks for helping to improve it.

      Unbelievable though? I don’t think so.

      Comparing the mistake a part-time camera blogger made to the current international blundering the President of The United States is making. Now that is unbelievable.

      About the EOS thing – if you go to the Canon website you mentioned, or even Wikipedia, they mention the meaning behind choosing the acronym EOS and its relationship to the Titan goddess of dawn in Greek mythology. I’ve linked it here for your easy reference –

      I’m also disappointed. In the lack of support or encouragement your comment provided. I write because I’m interested in cameras, not to hear some keyboard warrior selfishly lament about his own frustrations.

      Let me know the other countless errors I’ve made and I’ll be happy to update the site.

  2. Thank You James, Just bought today at Goodwill.12.99 w/lens and strap.Your review gave me the needed knowledge to get back into film photography!

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