Best Camera Straps For Your DSLR or Mirrorless

Our cameras capture moments in our lives and allow us to take them with us forever. Whether it’s a special occasion, precious times with loved ones or the trip of a lifetime, our photos tell a story. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that almost everyone has a camera.

From novices to professionals there’s a model for every person and every purpose. It’s no surprise that our cameras are valuable possessions, yet so many people often overlook the importance of camera straps.

Not only do they keep our cameras safe, but they also allow us to take photos on the move. In this guide, we’ll explore the broad range of camera straps available, and give a comprehensive review of products for all needs.

Why Are Camera Straps Important?

People spend time thinking about the lenses and features of a camera but often forget about keeping their camera safe and secure. Camera straps provide security and ensure that you can keep your pricey possession with you wherever you are. There are many other reasons the overlooked accessory is necessary.

Many photographers need to keep their hands free in certain situations. Camera straps are used to hold the camera in place when you can’t use your hands. They allow the camera to rest on your chest, instead of having to put it down in an unsecured area.

The cost of cameras rises continuously, and the last thing anybody wants to do is purchase a product and have to replace it soon after. Accidents happen, especially in busy and crowded places. A good camera strap will prevent costly accidents from occurring and give you peace of mind.

Cameras are heavy equipment and carrying them around all day can cause a strain on the body. Neck and back problems are standard, but the right strap can provide support and prevent both short and long muscle damage.

For professionals in busy places, wearing camera straps helps people recognize them as a professional. It helps them get the best view, and shots that aren’t obscured by crowds. People will often give photographers more space to manoeuver around them, and if they recognize a professional photographer, they might even offer more work.

Camera straps also act as a suitable stabilizer for people on the move. If you’re on a theme park ride or a boat, then it’s likely the camera could shake, and shots will be blurred. By using straps, you can wrap it around your wrists or arms, providing a stable place for the camera to sit.

Types Of Camera Straps Available

There is a wide range of camera straps available, and you’re sure to find one that fits your requirements. Some choose practicalities, and some are more concerned with fashion. The vastness of products available can make it hard to decide which is appropriate.

Straps come in all shapes, colors, and sizes and can be worn in a variety of ways. The most common is over the neck, around the shoulder, and across the body. Some designs are more suited for professionals and have a broad range of useful extras. From amateurs to tourists and hikers there’s a suitable camera strap to fit your needs.

The Best Camera Straps For DSLRs

DSLR’s are modern cameras, utilizing digital technology while combining the mechanisms of a single lens camera. For professionals, DSLR’s are perfect due to their vast range of lens selections.

The cameras can be quite bulky, so require sturdy and comfortable camera straps.

Style doesn’t have to be compromised though, and the DSLR camera straps we found look good, and feel good.

True SHOT Camera Strap with Neoprene Design

True Shot Neoprene

This robustly built Neoprene padded system provides extra comfort and even weight distribution. It has accessory pockets, enabling you to store batteries and memory cards. The camera won’t slip due to its non-skid surface, and it disconnects swiftly and efficiently.

The only problem is the DSRL camera strap may bounce a bit when walking, but apart from that, it’s a well-designed and offers style, comfort, and easy accessibility.

BESTTRENDY Universal Neck Strap

Best Camera Strap For DSLRs

The thing that stands out about this DSLR camera strap is its unique and patterned design. It’s pleasing to the eye and combines fiber cloth with leather. Its compatible with most camera models and the thick strap ensures long-term durability.

The significant advantage of the strap is it’s protected with antifreeze oil and is sustainable in cold environments.

The strap doesn’t offer the professional features other ones do, but it’s style and design make it stand out from the crowd.

LIFEMATE Universal Neck Strap

Lifemate Camera Strap

This floral scarf was created for women and has a bohemian design. The rayon fabric has adjustable ends, which are easy to use.

It can be worn around the neck or across the body, and the strength of the material assures your camera will be kept secure. It’s a high-quality DSLR camera strap, suitable for amateurs and professionals alike.

TARION Vintage Strap

Vintage Camera Strap For DSLR

Made from Cotton Yard and PU, this camera strap is shaped to fit around the shoulders, and the neck strap allows even weight distribution. Its anti-slip design lessens the worry of costly camera accidents, and it’s compatible with all DSLR camera models.

The woven fabric pattern gives the strap a vintage look and has a hipster vibe. The main issue is the underside isn’t very soft, so it’s probably not great for long-term use.

It’s a great DSLR camera strap and has a substantial level of stability.

The Best Mirrorless Camera Straps

Mirrorless cameras are sleek and elegant models that don’t require an optical viewfinder and mirror. The cameras are quite small, making them easier to store and carry around.

For most people with mirrorless cameras, finding a stylish strap is essential, but it’s necessary to remember the functionality too.

Luckily, we’ve discovered some perfect mirrorless camera straps that combine exquisite design with superior functionality at reasonable prices.

Peak Design SlideLITE Mirrorless Camera Strap

Best Camera Strap For Mirrorless

This strap is designed to fit mirrorless cameras and is a slimmed down version of the slide camera strap. Peak Design’s Anchor Link connectors enable users to wear the strap around the neck, over the shoulder, and as a sling.

Aluminium adjusters allow the quick adjustment of the strap length. It’s light and supportive and won’t slip off.

However, the buckles on the anti-slip side can cause some discomfort.

Matin RF Vintage Camera Strap

MATIN Mirrorless Camera Strap

This vintage mirrorless camera strap is the epitome of elegance. With three color options, the strap fits with any camera model and is worn around the neck.

The strap can be adjusted allowing convenient shooting. Regarding extra features, this strap falls short, but for those prioritizing style, they’ll find it here.

YIER Chevron Super Comfortable Scarf

Scar Mirrorless Camera Strap

Providing a more modern look, YIER has created a superior mirrorless camera strap with extra comfort. The nylon webbing ends give extra durability, and the Rayon Fabric feels terrific.

It’s the perfect option for tourists and amateurs, but professionals might want a product with more features.

The Best Leather Camera Straps

Leather is an attractive material due to its stylish properties and has a vintage look. It provides comfort for those who wear it, and better still leather is an extremely durable material.

It can last for years making leather a fabulous investment. There are many different styles of leather camera straps, suitable for different situations.

B.still Leather Adjustable Camera Neck And Shoulder Strap

Best Leather Camera Strap

It’s important to note that the bronze rings on this strap fit round lugs, so it’s vital to check your camera to see if it’s compatible with the strap. The soft leather is handcrafted and gives users security as well as comfort.

Its extra padding eliminates the risks of any pain when wearing for long periods of time. The straps are adjustable, and a quick release buckle provides a custom fit. Its versatility means it’s perfect for people that carry their cameras in different ways, whether that be around the neck, on the shoulder or over the body.

There’s a slight smell when it first arrives, but this disappears over time. If you can deal with that small inconvenience, then you may have found a stylish and comfortable strap that suits your everyday lifestyle.

Leather Adjustable Padded Shoulder Camera Strap

Vintage Crafts Leather Camera Strap

The first thing you’ll notice about this product is its exquisite vintage look. The strap has a classic feel to it and looks stunning.

Aesthetics aren’t everything though, and luckily the leather camera strap has much more to offer than just looks. Double stitching provides extra strength and its designed to fit all people.

It has padded shoulder straps, adding additional comfort and preventing pain. The main problem is the size of the clips. The straps designed for a broad product range and is used for bags and laptops too.

For some camera rings, the clips will be too big. For professionals looking for a specialized camera strap, this might not be the best option. However, it’s low price, and diverse uses are ideal for amateurs.

B.still Leather Shoulder And Neck Strap With Nylon Webbing

b.still leather camera strap

This premium leather camera strap is suitable for use with Leica, Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Olympus, Lumix and Sony models.

The bronze rings are designed to fit regular lugs, and the strap has American Duraflex fasteners allowing customization of the strap length in just seconds. The sling will carry up to 15lbs, so it’s useful for professionals.

It’s remarkably soft pad reduces shoulder and neck pain. The best thing about the strap is the added Nylon Webbing. It’s perfect to attach a camera and ensures it stays in place. The only minor problem is that if you’re quite short, you might be left with some material dangling when shortening the strap.

Overall, it’s a strap that offers style, practically and added features for optimum security.

The Best Wrist Straps

For those who use lightweight cameras, a wrist strap can be a good option. They’re often more affordable than other straps and provide a reasonable level of security. When adjusted accordingly, the grip of the camera will rest in the palm of your hand, making it easy for taking photos on the move. Wrist straps are also more discreet, providing an extra element of security.

Peak Design Camera Wrist Strap

Best wrist strap for camera

This wrist strap attaches to any cameras strap loops, providing security. It’s compatible with all camera types and magnetically locks. The unique anchor lock system also can hold up to 200lbs, and can even be used as a bracelet enabling quick accessibility.

The bracelet feature is an ingenious added extra, and with the anchor lock system this strap boasts an ease of use, as well as being convenient to carry around. It has an attractive look and a classy feel, but the best part is it’s perfect for novices and professionals alike.

The durability and diversity of this camera wrist strap means people can upgrade their cameras through the years without the added inconvenience of purchasing another strap.

It’s comfortable to wear, and it’s lightweight design ensure you’ll get the best quality without being weighed down by all of the benefits this incredible strap has to offer.

FoRapid Braided 550 Paracord Adjustable Camera Wrist Strap

Forapid wrist strap

The FoRapid is for Mirrorless Compact Systems and DSLR cameras. It’s made from abrasion resistant material and ensures long time durability. The straps perfect for outdoor photography because it’s UV resistant, and isn’t susceptible to rot or mildew.

The wristband and loop are both 8 inches. The only issue with this strap is it takes a while to fit into the camera hole. It’s a minor problem that can easily be overcome by flattening the strap slightly first, but novices may prefer something that’s easier to operate.

IMZ E6 DSLR Camera Wrist Strap

IMZ wrist strap

Made from leather this camera wrist strap combines practicality with style. It’s suitable for a wide range of cameras, including Nikon, Sony, Canon, Pentax Olympus, Panasonic, SLR and DSLR models.

The metal plate allows users to attach their camera to a tripod quickly without having to remove the strap. Better still, the strap is cushioned and extremely comfortable to wear. The instructions are quite hard to follow, and assembly can take some time, but it provides a stable hold for bulky cameras and doesn’t weigh you down.

It’s not the best camera wrist strap available, but it offers a low cost for the highest quality leather and if styles your principal concern you won’t be disappointed with the IMZ E6.

The Best Hiking Camera Straps

For those people that like to get out and about, hiking is a popular way to get some exercise and see some beautiful scenery.

It requires a lot of energy and stamina and carrying around a heavy camera can add strain to muscles. High-grade hiking camera straps will enable free movement, as well as providing added support.

Hiking camera straps come in different varieties, and each of them has their advantages.

USA Gear Camera Chest Harness

Best Hiking Camera Strap

This ingenious invention by USA Gear is compatible with most camera models, including Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Fujifilm, and Sony.

The camera harness is adjustable and gives full back support. The Neoprene Design provides equal weight distribution, and the hiking camera strap is made from a durable material suitable for all weather conditions.

It’s a superior model, with quick-release buckles and pockets within the strap to store memory cards and other small accessories. There are also two pockets that stretch for storing batteries.

For hikers who have comfort listed as their main priority, the USA Gear Camera Chest Harness will offer optimum support, making it easy to capture moments wherever you are.

Peak Design Slide Camera Strap

Peak Design Camera Strap

This hiking camera strap comes with a significant level of versatility and can be worn over the neck, on the shoulder or as a sling strap. It also has a compatible plate for use with a tripod and the design anchors will alert users of wear and tear.

The hiking camera strap has a smooth side and a gripped side. If you want to wear it loosely, it slides over all clothing.

For those that want their camera strap to stay in place, the gripped side will not slip. It’s a feature we don’t often see with other straps and can be attached and detached with the utilization of the Anchor Link technology.

For those that like to wear their camera in a variety of ways, this attractive low priced product provides all you could want from a hiking camera strap and more.

Altura Photo Rapid Fire Camera Neck Strap

Altura Strap

If speed is what you’re looking for, then the Altura provides features that make it perfect for shooting swiftly.  It’s made for DSLR, mirrorless and compact cameras and worn over the shoulder.

The hiking camera strap has an ergonomic design, providing optimum comfort and protects users from back and neck strain.

The camera stays close to your hip, allowing for easy access and the strap is designed to remain in place without slipping.

The shoulder pad has a zip pocket, perfect for storing memory cards and overall it’s a durable and sturdy product.

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