Best Camera Bag For Hiking: 9 Lightweight Designs For The Trail

When you need a rucksack to hit the trails and take your equipment with you then you’re probably interested in finding what the best camera bag for hiking is. There’s a wide range of options, depending on the type and amount of equipment you plan on taking.

Things To Look For


First and foremost, when hiking you need comfort. There’s nothing worse than having that nagging scratch endure throughout the length of a hike because there wasn’t enough padding or the unit was poorly designed.


You need to think about the type of trip you’re taking – is it a short trip and you only want to pack camera gear? Then you probably want to minimze the size of your pack and grab something like the G-raphy, which will let you pack your DSLR or mirrorless body and a couple of lenses. It’s also extremely affordable.

If you’re thinking of a longer trip and wish to pack some food or some clothing then getting a camera bag with a little extra storage space is a must. Getting something like the larger G-raphy will give you the extra space you need as well providing ample storage for your camera gear. If you’re looking for something more stylish then this camera bag also provides you with plenty of space, while being waterproof.

BESTEK DSLR Waterproof Camera Bag

The BESTEK is a rugged waterproof camera backpack that would also double perfectly for a travelling back pack. Why? It isn’t an obvious camera bag like others out there, so potential thieves will be none the wiser to the thousands of dollars of equipment you’ve got hanging off your back.

It also depends on which way you want to look at this, but the camera requires some effort in order to get to the camera and equipment. It’s great to prevent would be thieves, but it will slow you down when shooting.

The bag has enough storage for:

  • Laptop
  • Camera body
  • Multiple lenses
  • 2 tripods

The camera bag has a customizable interior, so you are able to change it around to fit what you need. A perfect bag for landscape photographers and travelers alike!

Best Small Hiking Camera Bag


From CrookedCulture, the Mini Trekker lightweight all weather camera bag is the best choice if you are prioritizing weight and comfort. Its intelligently compact design keeps weight down while giving you plenty of room for your gear.


  • 1 Pro DSLR with 300mm lens attached
  • 1–3 additional lenses or flash units
  • 1 tripod
  • Cables, memory cards, manuals and other digital accessories

It’s is also built for comfort with ergonomic padded straps on the shoulders and kidney area, and two hiking straps for your chest and waist to prevent the backpack and gear from shaking around.

Camera 3

For more about the Mini Trekker – click here.

Cheapest Option – G-raphy Camera Bag

This G-raphy camera bag is perfect for those who find they don’t take their DSLR out as much as they should because of the hassle of packing and transporting. The bag is lightweight and compact so it won’t compromise your travel or hiking plans. The other great thing is that it is made with waterproof nylon so you can rest assured your gear will be safe in the elements.

You’ve got enough space to store:

  • DSLR camera body with lens
  • Additional 3 – 4 lenses
  • Compact tripod or monopod
  • And a shoe mount flash

Like other high-quality camera bags, this one has a fully customizable interior so you can shift the padding around to suit your needs.

The one thing to be aware of if you’re considering this camera bag is that it will only take a small tripod or monopod. If you’re planning on taking either one of these and you’ve got a more serious set up then it’s worth considering a different option.

If you’re wanting to hit those rugged, gnarly trails with all your gear then consider the Extreme version…

Best All-Round Camera Bag For Hiking – Extreme G-graphy Model

best camera bag for hiking

One glance at this backpack and you know it must be one of the best camera bags for hiking. The Extreme G-raphy hiking backpack is for those who are exactly that.. extreme. The camera bag allows you to pack away more than 2 DSLR camera bodies and around 5 lenses. With some foresight and the smart design you’re able to quickly and conveniently access each of your items as you require. There’s even space for that Macbook Pro of yours to fit in. With a rain cover you’re gonna be kept safe in the elements as well.

The insets are all completely removable so if on some bizarre occasion you don’t feel like packing the camera – you can turn the backpack into a hiking bag and hit those those trails for some straight up camping action.

Abonnyc Waterproof And Anti-Shock Backpack

Abonnyc Waterproof And Anti-Shock Backpack
Abonnyc Waterproof And Anti-Shock Backpack

The Abonnyc is a work of art.

Picture this – your shoot deploys as you sky dive from a helicopter that drops you at 10,000 ft over the amazon jungle.

The initial deployment sends a violent shockwave through your body and backpack.

What’s worse is you can’t quite see through the thick mist as you begin descending through the thick jungle canopy.

Your parachute gets caught in the upper branches, you’re hanging there like a sitting duck.

You know there’s only one option…

Cut the cord and use the Abonnyc backpack to break your fall.

You wince not from the pain as your legs hit the ground, but because of the damage you think you’ve done to your photography equipment.

But you don’t have time to worry about that as you’ve just spotted that incredibly rare animal that hasn’t been seen by humans in over half a century…

…the hippoplatypus.

You open the backpack and reveal your equipment in perfect condition, quickly take a few snaps of this bizarre creature and relax knowing you got the shot.

Fast-forward two months later and you’re an award winning National Geographic photographer.

All because of the shockproof Abonnyc backpack.

Finnkare Backpack With Tripod Hanging Belt

Finnkare hiking backpack
Finnkare hiking backpack

The Finnkare hiking backpack doesn’t grab you immediately with its subtle exterior, but this pack can store enough camera gear to last you an atomic winter. It has space for 2 DSLRs with lenses attached and enough room for 2 – 7 more lenses, and additional accessories.

The backpack offers all the same conveniences that one should expect for a hiking camera bag – that means customizable inserts and even fully removable. It has a high quality build from durable weather resistant nylon and reinforced stitches so you know it’s going to do the hard yards with you.

Quite unique to this bag is the option of accessing your camera gear from the top pocket or directly from the front, making it easy to get to all your gear quickly. It also has four small belts along the side to make carrying a tripod easy. A rain cover is included as is the standard.

There’s an anti-theft pocket built into the front of the backpack for your wallet, but let’s be honest – who’s going to be try stealing that while you’re out on a hike? Be aware that it will only accept tablets and laptops up to 15.6 inches.

Evecase DSLR Multipurpose Daypack

Evecase DSLR Multipurpose Daypack
Evecase DSLR Multipurpose Daypack

Update: The Evecase is now selling at a massive discount to its RRP, the deal can end at any moment. Take a look here. 

The Evecase is a modest option when looking for the best camera bag for hiking. It is more of a multipurpose backpack rather than being completely designed and optimized for carrying camera equipment. It still has enough space to carry two DSLRs with a few lenses, but you need to get creative with how you store these.

The big benefit is the camera bag is small enough to fit under the carry on baggage size limit, so you’re able to safely take your camera gear with you if you’re looking at hitting the skies. The downside is – you won’t be able to pack a laptop, but the bag does fit a small tablet device.

If you want heavy duty with plenty of space, then consider its bigger brother the extra large option, but be warned it is also twice the price. When out hiking you probably want be be minimizing your carry weight, so find the smallest bag that will get the job done for you.


  • There are some negative comments about the backpack, though only minor. There have been issues reported with the zipper tabs, in some cases they have a tendency to simply slide off. This can be remedied by adding some glue and reattaching – but it shouldn’t be happening in the first place.
  • The bag can also become a bit awkward and top heavy, as the upper section is quite expansive and allows you to store plenty of items. You may find it starting to topple over.
  • If storing a tripod (there are straps which allow you to store it externally), you must first remove it in order to access your camera gear. This can be a bit of a deal breaker if you’re wanting to access things quickly on the run.

Overall the negatives are still somewhat minor and you have a good looking, multipurpose functional pack that can go with you anywhere.

AmazonBasics Hiker Camera And Laptop Backpack

AmazonBasics Hiker Camera And Laptop Backpack
AmazonBasics Hiker Camera And Laptop Backpack

AmazonBasics have really hit the ground running with their conception and production of the ideal hiker’s camera bag. Even those who receive it as a free add-on are finding they prioritize it over their other, more expensive camera backpacks.

So, what exactly makes it so great?

It is one of the more thoughtfully designed and well constructed camera bag specific to hiking. It has a side pocket that allows for quick access to your camera and lenses, but can also be reconfigured to suit your space requirements. If you’re carrying hiking poles – no problem, you can store these by hanging them from under the drawstrings.

I could go on and on about this one, but it’s better that you look for yourself.

G-raphy Style Camera Backpack

This G-raphy backpack exudes pure style. It’s a backpack for those more appearance orientated without compromising on quality. The bag still sports the same functionality of a custom interior to fit your lenses and DSLRs of different sizes and shapes and also offers a rain cover built into the base so you can head out in the wet with confidence.

The vintage style is sure to win over plenty of punters, but the high-density canvas has more benefits than just appearance – it’s incredibly durable and will outlast many of the other backpacks that are made from weaker materials.

While there’s no specific attachment area for a tripod, it’s easy to attach one by loosening off the two vertical straps on the front of the pack and positioning your tripod behind these.  Plenty of customers have had success with this method.


Movo Photo Camera Holster

If you’re looking for the most lightweight option on the market and aren’t fussed by leaving your other lenses at home, consider grabbing the camera holster by Movo Photo.

That rounds out my list of options for the best camera bags for hiking.

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